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Workshop: „Jewish critical engagements with nationalisms in Central and East-Central Europe“, Potsdam 20.-22.07.2022

Eingereicht am: 14.04.2022
Eingereicht von: Franziska Koch

The networking workshop will be held in conjunction with the conference „Jewish Responses to Nationalism in Central and East-Central Europe“ (July 20-22, 2022) at the University of Potsdam.


In view of the current political boom of populist nationalism (not only) in Europe, the question of the exclusionary as well as openly anti-Semitic potential of contemporary nationalist rhetoric becomes virulent again. The conference will take a comparative look at historical and contemporary developments in Central and East-Central Europe focussing on Jewish critics of ethnic nationalism. We strive for a discussion of discursive and artistic challenges to nationalism by Jewish opponents as well as of the political options and strategies of action (as defense or intervention) of Jews associated with the critique of ethnic nationalism. The latter range historically from integrationist projects to ideas of Jewish autonomy and Jewish nationalism, utopias of overcoming the national in internationalism (including planned languages such as Esperanto) or communism. It is arguable to what degree the Jewish modernization processes in the Central and Eastern European diaspora can be attributed to the growing anti-Semitic nationalisms of the non-Jewish majority societies. We assume that the dynamics were determined in many ways. However, we would like to focus specifically on phenomena that provide information about the connection between (anti-Semitic) nationalism and Jewish counter-reactions. These include various forms of discursive criticism, artistic action, political imagination and intervention, or life design.


We kindly invite students enrolled in master’s and doctoral programs as well as early career researchers to the pre-conference workshop dedicated to Jewish critical engagements with nationalisms in Central and East-Central Europe.
The networking workshop held in English will have an open, seminar-like structure and will enable its participants to share, discuss and compare their project ideas and research outcome. The project presentations should not exceed ten minutes in order to ensure a discussion amongst the participants and experts from the University of Haifa and the University of Potsdam.


After the workshop, the participants are invited to attend the conference which will open with a lecture by Prof. Gur Alroey, Historian of Jewish history in Modern Times and Rector of the University of Haifa.


Applications, consisting of a one-page CV and a short description (no more than 300 words) of the applicant’s research topic related to the theme of the conference, should be submitted before 30 April 2022 to Franziska Koch (frkoch@uni-potsdam.de). Notifications will be sent by 17 May 2022. Any questions regarding the workshop should be directed to the aforementioned email address.

The organizers will provide a reimbursement of max. 250 € for accommodation and/or travel expenses. We encourage the applicants to inquire additional funding by their home institutions.


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