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Termin: histoCON 2022: Shared Past? Divided memories?, Berlin, 07.-10.09.2022

Eingereicht am: 15.06.2022
Eingereicht von: Charlotte Jahnz / charlotte.jahnz@bpb.de

histoCON 2022 is an international history festival. We are looking for workshop hosts (no age restrictions) from around the world!

histoCON is organised by the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) and supported by the German Foreign Office. histoCON’s claim is „Look back, think ahead“ – because familiarity and critical engagement with history can help us understand the present and learn for the future.

Around 250 young adults from all over the world aged between 18 and 30 are invited to come to come together in Berlin to look at post-1945 history from multiple perspectives:

How do different countries and regions look at history?

Where are differences and commonalities?

Which stories are being heard and which ones are not?

histoCON addresses both those who have previously only reflected on historical themes at school or college, as well as persons with professional backgrounds. The latter can apply to be workshop hosts for histoCON.
We are looking for workshop hosts from different backgrounds to offer various formats, such as fishbowls, panel discussions, lectures, open spaces, cultural and artistic workshops, field trips, city tours, readings followed by discussion etc.

What criteria should the workshops meet?
The workshops need to…
– concentrate on one of the three thematic focal areas,
– address one or several of histoCON’s target groups,
– particularly include transnational or transregional perspectives,
– make use of strongly interactive/innovative/creative methods,
– use English as a working language.

What are we offering workshop hosts?
Remuneration, reimbursement of costs for travel, accommodation and meals, participation in the entire festival (if desired), a networking platform and opportunity to develop new project ideas with other international participants.

What are the focal areas?
histoCON will concentrate on three focal areas and (presumed) dichotomies, each of which has influenced history after the end of the Second World War:

Independence / Dependence
Conflict / Cooperation
Transformation / Continuity

To submit your proposal and for our FAQs visit bpb.de/histocon-2022


07.09.2022 @ 08:00 - 10.09.2022 @ 17:00


Ahlbecker Str. 3
Berlin, 10437 Deutschland
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