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Reisen: „History on Tour“, Krzyzowa/PL-Berlin, 31.07.-10.08.2022

Eingereicht am: 11.01.2022
Eingereicht von: Vinzenz Kratzer / vinzenz.kratzer@volksbund.de

The Polish village of Krzyzowa (Kreisau) is one of the most important places connected to resistance against the Nazi regime in Germany. It is the place where the Kreisau Circle, a resistance group of intellectuals, dissidents and political activists was formed, many of its members paid their commitment with their lives.


History on tour is a Polish-German youth encounter about history and remembrance. We will visit historical places in Krzyzowa, Wroclaw and Berlin, learn about the Second World War in Poland and Germany and discuss our thoughts and impressions.


We will also spend a great time together – enjoying the peaceful countryside of Krzyzowa, discover interesting places in Wroclaw and Berlin and get to meet new friends. Join us on an exciting trip through history!


Target Group:
Ca. 24 young persons (age 16-22) from Poland and Germany.


Requirements: Intermediate English, interest in history. Vaccination against SARS CoV-2 is strongly recommended.


Participation Fee:
250 € / 1000 PLN (for full board, program expenses, travel from Berlin to Krzyzowa and back).


31.07.2022 - 10.08.2022


Jugendbegegnungsstätte Kreisau


Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e. V.
Fundacja Krzyzowa
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