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CfA: Summer School „Common Everyday Practices in South Caucasus“, Marneuli/GE 05.-11.09.2022

Eingereicht am: 28.07.2022
Eingereicht von: Kirill Repin

The three nations situated in the South Caucasus share a common border, creating a joint physical multicultural setting for all three countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. The border villages of Marneuli Municipality, located on the Georgian side, have traditionally been a place where Georgians, Armenians and Azerbaijanis, as well as Greeks co-exist and co-inhabit a common territory. Social exchange and trade are good examples of everyday practices and encounters that happen in the villages across the boundaries of ethnic communities. Through interaction on a daily level, temporary and spontaneous common spaces emerge in these multi-ethnic borderlands.

The Summer School aims to explore such shared everyday practices and spaces in the border villages of Marneuli Municipality, using various methods, such as interviews, mappings and (video) recordings.

Participants of the Summer School will be working during one week in groups of up to 7 people, conducting field research in one of the villages of Marneuli Municipality under the guidance of several mentors, coming from different professional backgrounds (e.g. documentary filmmaking, architecture, urban studies, anthropology, etc.). As a preparation for this fieldwork, in the third week of August the participants will also be offered online seminars and workshops, providing insights into various methodologies and the local regional context.

The results of the Summer School will be presented during the upcoming Tbilisi Architecture Biennial in October 2022, as well as in Berlin and Frankfurt (Oder) in November 2022.

Students, young researchers, artists, activists and practitioneers, especially from the fields of urbanism, journalism, design, architecture, but also beyond that, from Armenia, Azerbaijan, France, Georgia, Germany and Poland (up to 35 y/o) are invited to apply.

Deadline for application is Agusut 4, 2022.

More information and application form can be found on the site of the school: https://www.commonterritory.com/


05.09.2022 @ 08:00 - 11.09.2022 @ 17:00


Marneuli Municipality, Georgia


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Europa-Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)
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