Job: Postdoc, Osteuropa-Institut FU Berlin

Eingereicht am: 02.08.2022
Eingereicht von: Nataliya Butrimova

The Postdoc will join the project on „Reinterpreting the alternative script? War in Ukraine, state-sponsored narratives of block building in authoritarian countries and their public perception“ led by Prof. Genia Kostka (Institute for China Studies) and Prof. Alexander Libman (Institute for East European Studies) and funded by the excellence cluster SCRIPTS.
The position provides an opportunity for both independent and collaborative research within an ambitious project while working in a small research team in Berlin.
The goal of the research project is to investigate the state-sponsored narratives of economic block building emerging in conjunction with the war in Ukraine in China and in Russia. Based on the analysis of the official rhetoric, webscraping and the analysis of social networks in Russia and in China, as well as the analysis of search profiles in Chinese and Russian search engines and (if possible) public opinion surveys in both countries, we expect to identify the nature of the official narratives, as well as how these narratives are (re)interpreted by the general public in both countries.

Bewerbungsfrist: 22.8.2022
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