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SCIENCE AT RISK Emergency Office, a Berlin-based project founded by the Academic Network Eastern Europe (akno e.V.) with the support of the German Federal Foreign Office is launching a call for authors to implement the SCIENCE AT RISK Emergency Office Monitoring Report 2024 on Academic Freedom in Russia. The call is open until 12 May 2024 (extended application deadline). We are looking for three authors to implement the following three parts of the Monitoring Report:

1. An overview of the system of science and higher education in the country (10.000 – 12.000 symbols with spaces);

2. Analysis of the state of academic freedom in Russia (on the bases of Academic Freedom Index) (17.000 -20.000 symbols with spaces);

3. For this part, authors are invited to propose a case study (e.g. self-organisation of refugee researchers, gender aspects of scholarly emigration, etc.) or in-depth analysis of one aspect of academic freedom violations or indoctrination in Russia to illustrate the state of academic freedom in the country (12.000 – 14.000 symbols with spaces).

The Monitoring Report will be implemented remotely by the selected authors in close cooperation with the SCIENCE AT RISK Emergency Office. The three parts of the Monitoring Report should be submitted according to the schedule negotiated with the authors (not later than 1st September 2024). The work will be remunerated as follows:
– Part 1 – 1.250 Euro
– Part 2 – 3.500 Euro
– Part 3 – 1.250 Euro.

Please send your CV (including a list of max. 10 publications) and a short expression of interest indicating your relevant experience to by 12 May 2024 (extended application deadline). Please indicate the part (or several parts) of the Monitoring Report that you are interested to implement.

For any inquiries about this call, please contact

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