Lernen: Training Course “Rewind: LARPing Past for the Future” for Participants from DE, MD, UA, Berlin 6.-16.11.2022

Eingereicht am: 23.10.2022
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We are looking for youth workers and active youngsters from Germany, Moldova, Ukraine, for our new training course “Rewind: LARPing Past for the Future”. LARP (Live Action Roleplay) is a tool that could be compared to a theatre play without an audience and fixed script. Participants receive a pre-written character or make one up and then explore the taken role, regaining new insights. Throughout the project, we will use LARPs as a tool to engage young people with the Culture of Remembrance (Erinnerungskultur).

Berlin, Germany

“Rewind” is funded by the “Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” (EVZ). The cost of all activities, accommodation and food are covered by the organisers.

Learn more and apply: https://chance-berlin.org/rewind-larping-past-for-the-future-eng

Weiterführende Informationen unter: https://chance-berlin.org/rewind-larping-past-for-the-future-eng
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